Read the April editorial here and the October endorsement here.

"Fritz is principled, smart, thoughtful and conscientious. She is willing to challenge conventional wisdom, even when that means questioning a colleague's pet project. She thinks more like a citizen than a politician, and she hasn't lost her regular-person appeal after nearly four years in power. .... Voters should stick with Amanda Fritz. "

Willamette Week changed their endorsement between May and October, endorsing Amanda on 10/17/12

"Her penny-pinching appears more admirable as Portland’s budget gets closer to being swallowed by urban renewal areas and fire and police pensions...... Fritz made a compelling case that her background as a psychiatric nurse is an important tool in helping cops change their approach to public safety."

The SKANNER re-affirmed their endorsement on 10/22/12, after their primary endorsement. The Skanner says,

"Fritz spent years working her way up as a community organizer even though she already had a career in health care; and she didn’t give up when the going got tough. Fritz’ dedication to the City of Portland shines through in the dogged way she has weathered sexist insults about her effectiveness in office – criticisms we believe to be unfair and unfounded. Fritz’ success in bringing about the Office of Equity with a unanimous vote of her peers despite a punishing round of media criticism rallies our own faith in the power of a compelling idea."

The Portland Mercury endorsed Amanda on 5/2/12, posting, "Fritz helped kill an unnecessary water filtration plant, saving Portland hundreds of millions of dollars that would have been paid through sky-high water rates. She asks annoying, yet valuable, questions during city council meetings, emerging as Randy Leonard’s best frenemy. And she’s been a champion for publicly financed elections...

On 10/17/12, an even stronger Mercury endorsement said, "On one of the most important issues vexing Portland—our cops' propensity to excessively beat, Taser, and/or shoot people enduring a mental health crisis—Fritz has taken a much-needed leadership role. Unlike Nolan, Fritz has taken a strong stand in support of Mayor Sam Adams' legal fight to not reinstate the cop who fatally shot Aaron Campbell. And just last month, Fritz helped roll out a new suicide-response hotline that will lead to fewer Portlanders in crisis calling the cops in the first place."

The new mental health crisis number is 503-97-23456. If you need help, call 503-97-23456.

The Portland Observer also printed their endorsement of Amanda the first week of May - see here, which says in part, "Amanda Fritz ... earned our support for her independence on the City Council. She looks out for the interests of those who are not political power players. She is accessible to the public, answering her own emails and telephone calls. She has taken the lead on the initiative to start an Office of Equity in city government."

Commissioner Amanda Fritz is endorsed by her two colleagues on the Portland City Council continuing in service in 2013, by four members of the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, and by other government officials, business leaders, unions, neighborhood leaders, and individuals all over Portland. She works well with decision-makers and stakeholders throughout the Metro region, and also with "regular Portlanders". Amanda believes each Portlander is extraordinary and valued. Email Amanda to add your name to her supporters list today, joining:

Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish
Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Former Mayor Tom Potter
Former City Commissioner Gretchen Kafoury
Former City Commissioner Mike Lindberg
Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen
Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith
Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel
Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury
State Senator Rod Monroe
State Representative Lew Frederick
Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton
Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick
Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder
Former State Senator Avel Gordly
Former State Senator Bob Boyer
Clackamas County Board Chair Charlotte Lehan
Lake Oswego Mayor Jack Hoffman
Troutdale City Councilor Norman Thomas
West Linn City Councilor Jody Carson
David Douglas School Board chair Annette Mattson
Parkrose School Board member Alesia J. Reese
Portland Public School Board member Ruth Adkins
Reynolds School Board chair Theresa Delaney-Davis
Bob Sallinger, Director, Zone 1, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Terri Preeg Riggsby, Director, Zone 5, West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

City of Portland Professional Employees Association
Communications Workers of America Local 7901
Oregon Nurses Association
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555
Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters (co-endorsement)
Portland Association of Teachers/Teachers Voice in Politics (co-endorsement)
Portland Green Party
Oregon Arts and Culture PAC
Oregon Progressive Party
Sierra Club (co-endorsement)
Oregon Black Political Convention

Portland Mercury
Portland Observer
The Oregonian
The Skanner
Willamette Week

"I support Amanda Fritz for re-election to the Portland City Council because she truly cares about the health of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. Portland needs ongoing leadership by Amanda on the City Council. She gets results by collaboration, while still setting firm expectations for environmental protection."
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Awards (partial list):

Community Alliance of Tenants Low Income Housing Champion (2009)
Daily Journal of Commerce Newsmaker (2009)
Royal Rosarians Dame of Rosaria (2011)
Reaching And Empowering All People (REAP) Women of Legacy: Inspiration Award (2011)
Gateway Area Business Association Citizen of the Year (2011)
Bus Project Wheelies Award (2011)
Basic Rights Oregon Fighting Spirit Award (2011)

Green Light designations:

Basic Rights Oregon PAC (co-designation)
NARAL ProChoice Oregon Choice Action Team (March 2012)
The Mother PAC (co-designation)

Portland's Public Campaign Financing system was an essential component of the people taking back our government by electing a Registered Nurse and community organizer rather than an insider connected with affluent donors, when there was an open seat in 2008. Then, my team and I collected $5 contributions in 91 of the city's 95 neighborhoods. Over the past three years, I have spent quality time in all 95 neighborhoods. For as long as I serve on the Council, I am beholden to all the people of Portland, and I will always vote to spend taxpayers' money wisely, with every neighborhood and business district receiving its fair share. I want your good name on my supporters list, your assistance with campaign actions such as introducing me to your neighbors, and your voice giving me advice and opinions, rather than large donations that may make Portlanders worry about undue influence.

Thank you for signing up to endorse me and to volunteer on this campaign. If you can also give money, up to $250 per person for the General Election, please click here. In the Primary Election, more than 1,000 individuals donated $5 - $50 in support of my campaign. Now, I need everyone to pitch in whatever you can afford, to make sure we win in November -- even $5 per month will help. And also, I want your good name on my supporters list, please. Join these wonderful people, who say:

There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda Fritz is by far the best candidate for Position 1 on the Portland City Council. She is a dedicated advocate for issues that are crucial to renters and to the elder and disability communities, and she is a strong supporter of health care for all. Please join me in voting to re-elect Amanda.
Steve Weiss, elder and human services advocate

I support Commissioner Amanda Fritz for re-election to the Portland City Council in 2012 because she works for Portlanders and is not a career politician. I have seen her at more community events than ANY elected official. She listens to everyone, even when you disagree with her. Portland needs Commissioner Fritz's maturity and willingness to challenge the status quo. Amanda needs all of us to stand behind her and get out the vote.
Tom Potter, retired Portland Mayor

Amanda Fritz has demonstrated during her first term that she is accessible and responsive to the concerns of the citizens of this city. She has also demonstrated courage in taking on controversial issues and is not obligated to the usual monied elite or political insiders. Fritz deserves re-election.
Alcena E. Boozer, Northeast Portland

Commissioner Amanda Fritz received the endorsement of Willamette Week. Last week she was given the endorsement of the Oregonian. If I still had a newspaper she'd be receiving the same. Since I do not, however, have a paper—the best I can do is strongly recommend and encourage your vote for Amanda Fritz in this race. As with all candidates she's not perfect—but she cares deeply and passionately about Portland—and merits your vote for re-election. She is not a career politician on a stepping-stone path.
Marty Davis, former Editor, Just Out

Amanda's principled stand against corporate money in politics is to be admired and should be adopted by all politicians. Corruption in our government is the single biggest problem we have in our country and Amanda Fritz is walking her talk by taking this position ....this alone should be enough for voters to re-elect her.
Bruce Dennis, Carpenter

We are big supporters and telling everyone. She is a great lady.
Former Senator Bob Boyer and wife Judy Boyer

Amanda Fritz has been extraordinary in the performance of her duties as a Council member. Amanda is the Iron Lady of the Portland City Council. If you would take the time and review her record, you will find that she is a penny pincher and frugal with the dollar. Amanda is also a good friend of American veterans.
P.J. Mulcahy, Sgt. USAF, 1963-69

Amanda, the integrity and passion you have demonstrated has been an asset to the citizens of Portland during your initial term, and the experience you bring to City Council is invaluable. Your ability to work directly with neighbors, businesses and schools highlights the skills you bring to City Council. Your ability to bring compromise and consensus to often adversarial situations displays your unique leadership.
Alesia J. Reese, Parkrose School Board member; Multnomah Education Service District Budget Committee

I support Amanda because she is constantly in action to support her values. Without any publicity she packs food boxes for the hungry at the Oregon Food Bank and pulls invasive ivy in Forest Park. She watches each City budget expenditure like a hawk, courageously confronting business as usual.
Mike Lindberg, former Portland City Commissioner

Thank goodness for Amanda Fritz! A sane voice at City Council who is watching out for the Hayden Island community and advocating for consideration of expansion of the Port Of Vancouver instead of the development of West Hayden Island. Amanda has been a staunch supporter of our island community, environment, and livability!
Pam Ferguson, Resident, Hayden Island Manufactured Home Community

Amanda Fritz is like a motherly J.Lo; a mom from the block, from my neighborhood of SW Portland, that is making a difference! And just like the great mom that she is, she listens, to everyone, and over the past 4 years I believe she has been representing our great city to the fullest.
Aaron Ross, Wilson HS graduate, host of The Ed Forman Show/"You Who!" Kids Show

Amanda is powerful, people-oriented, and effective. She's been a community activist in Portland for years, and this earned her present post on the City Council. Her awesome list of people-oriented supporters is testament to her dogged work for US, not for Big Money interests.
Marian Drake, lifelong activist for fairness and justice

If we had more active citizen representatives like Amanda, we would have more efficient, fair and just government. Amanda brings governance closer to the people. And to any voter who complains about the abuse of money in politics, or the influence special interests exert on government policy? I say support Amanda, or quit complaining.
Robert Harris, small business owner, attorney

In this time of polarization in politics and social consciousness, it is beneficial to find an elected public official such as Amanda Fritz who is a beacon of integrity and who is not beholden to special interests. Amanda works hard to make our city and neighborhoods stronger with her exceptional values of common sense, a fair and inclusive attitude, honesty and a willingness to listen to the needs of our communities.
Angela Moos, North Portland Community Activist

Amanda is an organic community leader- meaning she comes to her service as City Commissioner not with an interest in a political career, but with a devotion to community. As a third generation Portlander and N/NE Portland business owner, I have seen many changes and challenges in our community. Changes and challenges Amanda is prepared to meet. As a fellow mom and nurse, I know she has the skills to address the needs of families in our beloved city.
Shelda R. Holmes FNP, RN, Owner, Hands On Medicine, Family Practice

Amanda has strengthened public safety and coordinated community services.
Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton

Businesses large and small are served well by a City Commissioner who takes the time to listen and understand the issues they face. Commissioner Fritz has proven to be accessible, informed, and responsive in her conversations with PGE over her first term. She has demonstrated a genuine sensitivity for the impact City Council decisions can have on the utility bills that Portland residents and businesses pay. She’s earned a reputation for watching out for the bottom line-- both the City’s and the businesses in Portland. Her steady and studied hand on City Council has been a major contributor to making Portland operate more effectively and efficiently for businesses and residents.
Deane Funk, Manager, Local Government Affairs, Portland General Electric

I am so very grateful and appreciative of all the work Amanda has done and continues to do for all of Portland, and especially as it relates to people of color and immigrants and refugees. Amanda is amazing!
Lisa Reed Guarnero, Intercultural Community Leader and Activist

Amanda is fiscally responsible, and helped get the Sellwood Bridge fixed.
Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen

Amanda Fritz has been one of the most effective Portland City Commissioners when it comes to balancing fiscal responsibility with maintaining and improving the programs and policies that make Portland a special place to live. Her accomplishments since being elected demonstrate that she knows what it takes to get things done. It gives me peace of mind to know she is working for the people of Portland. Re-elect Amanda!
Sonia Montalbano, Attorney and Activist

Thank you for coming out and in believing in what you do and in our public voice! I am so excited to see what happens with the Office of Equity and Human Rights, and I am proud of our city for taking the Coalition of Communities of Color report, the State of Black Oregon and other communities' input that influenced the decision seriously enough to create this office.
Mitzy King, PSU student and Cully resident

Amanda's attention to detail during these tumultuous time are dearly needed on Council. Her work has been down in the trenches of government spending and the realities of what government can feasibility accomplish. Well done, Commissioner Fritz
John Alland, Co-owner Island Daydream Shave Ice

Amanda supports small businesses, schools, and community colleges.
the late, great Harold Williams, PCC Board Director, earlier in 2012

I support Amanda Fritz because she is a Commissioner that works for the community. She listens to our needs and provides advice and support. She is a champion of equality. We need Amanda to be reelected so that she can continue her good work in City Hall.
Stephen Ying, Asian Communities leader

I'm supporting Amanda because she works hard for Portland, listens to understand the issues, and asks the questions that need to be asked.
Maria Rubio, NE Portland resident

I support Amanda Fritz's re-election campaign because Amanda has never said no when it comes to supporting diverse communities events. Her presence remains a blessing and empowerment to our city; and she has been and will continue to be an asset for our present and future immigrant/refugees' generations.
Dame Judith Gelin, Executive Director, Society for Haitian Arts, Culture and Social Support

Amanda will save ratepayers millions again in her second term. She challenges "business as usual" at the Water Bureau, and protects our Bull Run watershed.
Regna Merritt, water protection advocate

I am supporting Amanda because she has been an advocate for equity, affordable housing and neighborhood safety and livability.
Shelli Romero, community activist

Amanda has been a strong and steady voice for the environment, dating back to her days as a grassroots activist fighting for Arnold Creek. As a member of Council, she remains a critical voice to ensure that natural resoures are protected and our communities have access to nature.
Bob Sallinger, Conservationist

When I reached out to City Council for help regarding issues in my business’s neighborhood, Amanda Fritz was the only Commissioner to respond. Her dedication, empathy and sincere desire to objectively resolve problems were both unexpected and gratifying. Amanda’s willingness to engage in conversation and obvious sincerity when accepting my responses left an unforgettably positive impression on me. While I don’t consider myself a political activist, my experiences with Commissioner Fritz compel me to take action, as I know she is a positive force regarding Portland’s future. Amanda is a dedicated, hardworking and educated asset to our community
Jamie Dunn, Old Town Chinatown small business owner, Gilt Club

Amanda gets results for all Portlanders.
Former State Senator Avel Louise Gordly

Having served for eleven years on the Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC), I have seen many personalities and political styles come and go throughout the region. When Amanda was elected and joined MPAC representing Portland, it quickly became apparent that she is the real deal. She does her homework meticulously. She puts principle before politics and votes her conscience. She is dedicated, passionate, incredibly smart and when something really matters, she fights courageously. For her, it's not about politics, it's about the people of the City of Portland and what is best for them. Oh yeah, she doesn't accept PAC money and limits contributions to $50. Those are her values and mine, too. I don't live in the city so I can't vote for her, but I can and do completely and totally support her reelection.
Nathalie Darcy, Washington County Citizen Representative to MPAC, 2000 - 2012

I support Amanda Fritz because she is on our side. She's been a trusted champion for Portland for many years and knows our opportunities and challenges from every point of view. She has the experience and leadership to do anything that needs to be done, and the attention to detail that ensures success. Best of all, she's not afraid of anyone or anything.
Mark Lakeman, Founder of The City Repair Project, Director of Communitecture, Inc, Architecture & Planning

Commissioner Fritz should be applauded for her efforts to establish the Office of Equity and Human Rights. While others simply talk about doing something, she did it with the consensus votes of her other commissioners.
Roy Jay, President, Alliance of Minority Chambers

Amanda stands with the 99%.
Todd Olson, SE resident, teacher, and community activist

Since her election to the City Council, Commissioner Amanda Fritz has not flinched an inch in her campaign promises to fight for the issues that bind us as citizens of Portland. Where other politicians duck and dodge, Amanda stands resolute in her conviction. Her respect for human dignity, her constant voice for inclusion and diversity, and her tireless advocacy on social and economic justice issues make her a champion for many. All of us progressive types who cherish fairness and equity cannot afford her absence from the City Council.
Promise King, Former Portland Tribune Newspaper Political Columnist

It takes incredible role models, such as Commissioner Amanda Fritz, to inspire us ladies in high school and college to get involved in the community in a positive way. Thank you for all you do!
Victoria Dinu, Queen of Rosaria 2010

I have sent donations to both of Amanda's campaigns because I like her brand of politics. She studies the issues and is honest. I see her all the time and all over town at tons of local events. She always responds to emails personally and is always willing to discuss issues with constituents. She is not in this for the big bucks, nor the recognition. Even though I now live in Eugene, I'm going to do what I can to help get Amanda reelected. Portland needs dedicated activists like Commissioner Amanda Fritz.
Robin Bloomgarden, Active Citizen

It's a no-brainer -- Amanda's smart, hard-working, ethical, experienced, and community-minded. What else could you want in a candidate?
Judy Henderson, SW resident and neighborhood leader

We need more elected officials like Amanda Fritz, not fewer. There is no other current elected official I know that spends more time out in the community meeting with and learning from real Portlanders--our 99%. Commissioner Fritz understands that to know what Portlanders want and need for our combined future comes from real contact, real conversations and real action. She has shown us, again and again, that she is not afraid to take the hard stand with us against the business-as-usual politics of City Hall. Help Amanda Fritz continue to serve Portlanders' interests. Re-elect her to Portland City Council!
Karin Hansen, SE resident, teacher, and former first lady of Portland

Amanda, one thing I really like on your web site is your comment that reminds me of the late Ernie Bonner, who said for the 35 years I knew him: always ask "Who pays, who gets?" You have my support because you had Ernie's and because you think and act on on the basis of that question -- and because you keep constantly in mind the human and humane aspects of public policy.
Lynn Bonner, NE resident, wife of the late Ernie Bonner

Amanda is an authentic listener for the entire community. Her vision and efforts on behalf of the entire community are valued and appreciated. Amanda has my support as she campaigns for a rigorous, authentic education for children, reviving a vibrant economy and helping the community understand our links through positive interdependence. Amanda's leadership is helping us create our future.
Dan Stanton, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Director and Co-founder of Always On Network Bangladesh Ltd.

I've appreciated the way Amanda does her homework, the way she gets out into the community and deals with controversial issues, her cogent questions in Council sessions and her refusal to go along to get along.
Mary Vogel, Principal, PlanGreen

I am a supporter of Amanda Fritz. She has been a great commissioner, and I applaud her commitment to not taking big money donations. I appreciate how she shows up faithfully to community meetings and really does want to hear from individual people. She is good for Portland and I hope others will join in supporting her.
Rev. Carren E. Woods, Pastor, Rivergate Community Church

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz's record and platform are strong.
Re-elect Amanda!
Kelvin Hall, NE Portland

Compassionate, analytical and practical - all traits I want on my city council.
Marsha Hanchrow, SE Portland

Commissioner Amanda Fritz works hard to benefit the people of Portland. She’s not using her job as a stepping stone to grander political ambitions or so she can line the already full pockets of the rich and powerful. Her attention to detail saved us from a mistake that would have cost Portland water ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars. We can’t afford not to keep Amanda Fritz on the Portland City Council.
Doretta Schrock, North Portland

Amanda is doing a superb job representing the Voice of the People. Friends and Colleagues, please help us keep Amanda for four more years. Thank you!
Dominga R. Lopez, RN, former president, OHSU union nurses

Amanda's 2008 race was the first time I became downright excited about a candidate and interested in local political processes. That has not changed. Amanda remains absolutely committed to active citizen engagement and to ensuring that city hall processes are transparent to and inclusive of ALL the citizens of Portland.
Debra Porta, LGBT Community Leader and Activist

In identifying an alternative method to treat the Bull Run water supply, Commissioner Fritz was able to save the city $500 million dollars. We need Amanda's continued diligence to seek ways to reduce the costs of city government.
Kathy Fuerstenau, Cully neighborhood NE Portland

Amanda defines integrity.
Bill Michtom, Downtown neighborhood

I've worked with Commissioner Amanda Fritz for several years and appreciate all she is doing for the Gateway area. Realty Brokers and the Sanchez family know and support Amanda Fritz.
Fred Sanchez, Realty Brokers, Gateway

I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with Commissioner Amanda Fritz for the past two years. During that time she has readily listened to the issues and concerns of the veterans community throughout metropolitan Portland, lent her firm support to the renaming/rededication of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Memorial Gardens and has graciously attended veterans events. Commissioner Fritz conducts City business for all her constituents in a professional and honorable manner. For these reasons, I endorse and support Commissioner Amanda Fritz for re-election to City Council.
Anthony D. Stacy, Veterans advocate

I support Amanda Fritz for re-election to the Portland City Council because she is strong, frugal and compassionate. She has good judgment and common sense. Where Amanda leads, I will follow.
Caroline Skinner, NW Portland

I have had the pleasure of working with Commissioner Amanda Fritz during several projects addressing inequities that Portland’s immigrant and refugee communities face. She is one of the most dedicated and engaged elected officials that I have met. I am truly touched by her commitment to our city, to our neighborhoods, and our community. What has impressed me the most is that everywhere I go, Amanda is the only elected official that is always there listening to residents’ concerns. I am glad that I can call her my friend.
Kayse Jama, community activist and resident of North Portland

I have known and worked with Amanda Fritz on a variety of community issues for more than 20 years. She has always been a strong and consistent supporter of open public participation at every stage of public policy development and implementation.That didnʼt change when she was elected to office. We need – and deserve – the return of Amanda Fritz to the Portland City Council.
Bonny McKnight, East Portland

I value Amanda Fritz for her rare ability to concentrate on the job at hand despite all available distractions. I want to see her steady and even-handed efforts continue on our city council.She is realistic about what is possible, alert to the whole range of our needs, patient in working toward fair and balanced solutions to the problems that daily confront Portland as a civilized place.
Mary Francillon, inner SE Portland

Commissioner Amanda Fritz's courage, compassion, intelligence, and hard work have set high, new standards for City Council.
Susan Landauer, North Portland

I want to keep Amanda on the City Council because she pays attention to details and budgets and is not afraid to ask tough questions and make tough decisions. I really appreciate Commissioner Fritz's support of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and those of us volunteering in the community.
Marianne Fitzgerald, SW Portland

Amanda truly represents all of Portland. She has a proven track record of actively working with community members to help get results! Amanda has been a team player in numerous accomplishments in North Portland, for instance she helped to secure $200,000 in city funding for Roosevelt for the new stadium that was built with public/private/and community partnerships. This resulted in revitalization at Roosevelt. This year upwards of 86% of the Seniors graduated, with 147 receiving college placement offers and garnering over $4 million in college scholarships. This year’s freshman class had 160 students, next year’s freshman class already boasts 250. The stadium and the city's support helped foster renewed pride in our community High School.

In the last 3 years, Amanda has been present so often in North Portland that neighbors think that she lives here! We see her everywhere: The St. Johns Parade every year, Principal for a Day at Roosevelt, Weeding at Arbor Lodge Park, attending neighborhood meetings, and the list goes on. In my opinion there is no one that even comes close to Amanda!
Mike Verbout, North Portland

Eastside Portland residents know Amanda Fritz. Families and community leaders, case workers and teachers, family mentors and volunteers; we’ve met Amanda and she has listened to us. She celebrates citizen accomplishment and works alongside East Portlanders to improve their community. In the last few years, I’ve observed Amanda’s particular attentiveness to our New Portlanders. I’ve witnessed her direct efforts to support and encourage new immigrants and former refugee-camp residents. Amanda regards East Portland’s unique diversity as an asset and its essential forte. Amanda is known here on the eastside because she is present in East Portland homes, schools, and community centers. Her relentless enthusiasm bolsters our confidence in the future of this community. I strongly support Amanda Fritz in her re-election campaign. She is our link to City Hall and a trusted friend.
Anne Downing, David Douglas HS ESL Teacher and community volunteer

When it comes to advocating for the people of the City, Amanda has routinely demonstrated her reliability. I admire her accessibility and hard work. I admire her for her background as a nurse, and as a labour activist. Amanda is a pioneer in her own right. She has blazed a trail of challenging City Hall traditions, and she votes by her personal conviction. Out of our City Commissioners, I have always been assured that Amanda Fritz is the elected official who is the most accessible and most
interested in reflecting the interests of the public.
Cameron Whitten, former Mayoral candidate, "Activist Extraordinaire and Changer of the World"

I am honored to support Amanda for City Council, to continue the work that she has started and to make City Government more accessible and understandable for all.
Linda Bauer, outer SE Portland

I support Amanda's campaign for re-election. This first term has been a learning experience for her and for the citizens and the learning curve was steep. Give her the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained by this first term to continue to work for the ordinary citizens of Portland.
Arlene Kimura, East Portland

Commissioner Fritz always works tirelessly to reach newcomer communities and bind people of all cultures together in Portland. Being a mom, she always concerned about family well-being, education and safety. After a few years of working in partnership with her and her team, I am looking forward to see Commissioner Fritz continues on to finish all the important projects that she started for our community.
Nim Xuto, community arts and culture leader

Amanda is one of the most self-effacing, sincere and dedicated elected officials anywhere. She is among the rarest of incumbents, one who has truly earned a second term.
Henry Weiss, out-of-state supporter of good governance

Email Amanda to add your name (and comments, if you'd like to post here) to the growing list:

Lul Abdulle
Ruth Adkins
Jessica Aiona
John Alland
Bonnie Altshuld
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Lois Heying
Dale Hill
Lyn Hill
Molly Hilts
Francisco Holdman
Shelda Holmes
Patti Howard
Aleyce Hutchinson
Camille Hopkins
Patti Howard
Jennifer Hudson
Barbara Hutchinson
Kylan Hutchinson
Sara Hussein
Jane Hytowitz
Ellen Miyo Ino
Miles Ino
Dennis Jaffe
Jacquie Janulis
Kayse Jarma
Roy Jay
Earl L. Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Floy Jones
KC Jones
Roger Jones
Mary Jubitz
Carroll Kachold
Deborah Kafoury
Gretchen Kafoury
Roberta Kanter
Thomas Karwaki
Rob Kaye
Tom Keenan
Heather Kennedy
Helen Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Jim Kennett
Robin Keer
Jason Kersten
Debbie Kitchin
James Kitchin
Arlene Kimura
Allen King
Mitzy King
Promise King
Susan King
Joan Kingsley
Jack Klinker
John Klinker Jr.
Tom Koehler
Ruth Kratochvil
Leslie Labbe
Ted Labbe
Mark Lakeman
Pamela Lam
Susan Landauer
Jeffery Lang
Storm Large
Alice Lasher
Linda Laviolette
James B. Lee
Louis Lee
Patty A. Lee
Wesley Lee
Charlotte Lehan
Lee Leighton
Pamela Leveson
Harriet Levi
Celeste Lewis
Marguerite Liepzig
Jackie Lilly
Mike Lilly
Mike Lindberg
John Lockwood
Dennis LoGiudice
Ryan Lomax
Michael Long
Dominga R. Lopez
Felica Lopez
Cheryl K. Lund
Gloria Luzader
Katie Lyons
Don MacGillivray
Iain Mackenzie
Erin Madden
Michelle Madison
Kevin Malone
Milena Malone
Donald Marihart
Sandy Marron
B. Carlos Martin
Barbara Martin
Annette Mattson
Carol McCreary
Robert McCullough
Mary McGilvra
Ester McGinness
Diane McKeel
David McKenzie
Sarah McKenzie
Bonny McKnight
Ann McNamee
Robert McWilliams
Dan Meek
Sharon Meiran
Rian Meguire
Sharon Meieran
Sue Melone
Michael Meo
Regna Merritt
Audrey Metcalfe
Jim Metcalfe
Bonnie Messinger
Joe Meyer
Karen Micallef
Bill Michtom
Walt Mintkeski
Chris Mitchell
Larry Monk
Linda Monk
Roger Moss
Sonia Montalbano
Terry Moore
Willy Moore
Angela Moos
Barbara Morrison
Victoria Mosse-Dewitt
P.J. Mulcahy
Scott Mullin
Steve Mullinax
Susan Mund
Cory Murphy
Sharon Murphy
E.L. Nahan
Cynthia Nawolinski
Kris Nelson
Susan Nelson
Jane Netboy
Linda Nettekoven
Emily Newberry
Patrick Nolen
Donna Noonan
Patricia Norman
Ariella Odierna
Ramona Odierna
Musse Olol
Andrew Olshin
Todd Olson
Jean Omelchuck
Pat Osborn
Jon Ostar
Joe Owens

Jamie Partridge
Connie Paschall
Julie Payton
Nick Pearson-Wood
Joe Peizner
Stanley Penkin
Keturah Pennington
Martha Perez
Dora Perry
PC Perry
John Petke
Lois Petke
Julie Peyton
Travis Phillips
Rachel Philosfsky
Pamela Plance

Leslie Pohl-Kosbau
Debra Porta
Elsa Porter
Verna Porter
Tom Potter
Tracy Prince
Christopher Proudfoot
Charity Ralls
Rick Ralston
Randy Rapaport
Dawn Rasmussen
Joe Rastatter
Gregory Ray
Garland Raxter
Lily Raxter
Kay Reid
Robert Repp
Ruth Riggins
Paula Ripke
Helene Rippey
Paul Rippey
Mike Roach
Anna Robaton-Winthrop
David Roberts
Adam Robins
Emily Robins
Linda Robinson
James Robison
Arnold Rochlin
Dan Rohlf
Bill Rollins
Chiquita Rollins
Nita Rollins
Shelli Romero
Ryan Roney
Jimmie Rooney
Kurt Rosenberg
Aaron Ross
Peggy Ross
Richard Ross
Joe Rossi
Marlene Rost
Emily Roth
Louise Rowntree
Raymond Rowntree
Bernadine Royer
Barb Rubin
Charlotte Rubin
Maria Rubio
Justin Rue
Brian Russell
Wajdi Said
Bob Sallinger
Wendy Sample
Alan Sanchez
Brad Sanchez
Fred Sanchez
Amreet Sandhu
Ethan Scarl
Scott Schaffer
Maro Sevastopoulos
Ellene Shapiro
Michael Shapiro
Greg Schifsky
Shawn Schmelzer
Harvey Schowe
Doretta Schrock
Christina Schull
Mary Sekerka
Les Shannon
Sandy Shore
Louise Shorr
Deborra Shorten
Rochelle Silver
Laura Simmons
Akash Singh
James Sjulin
Caroline Skinner
Martin Slapikas
Brenda Smith
Chris Smith
Christian Smith
Connie Smith
Ellene Smith
Loretta Smith
Vicki Smith
Steve Snyder
Heather Somohano
Anthony D. Stacy
Emily Standish
Myles Standish
Dan Staton
Irene Starr
Janiece Staton
Mike St. Clair
Matt Sten
Ron Stevens
Stephanie Stewart
Darryl Stewart
Tom Stibolt
Sue Stinson
Jeff Stookey
Francine Storzback
John Stout
Mark Sturbois
Cynthia Sulaski
Patte Sullivan
Barbara Surovell
David Suttle
Jacque Svela
Lucinda Tate
Martin Taylor
Paul Terdal
Christopher Tev
Norm Thomas
Adele Thompson
Karen Tosi
Karen Traughber
Bruce Treat
Lynda Troutman
Theodora Tsongas
Jon Turino
Charles Turner
Rhonda Vander-Sluis
Mike VanderVeen
Douglas VanFleet
Rev. Bill Van Nostran
Yvonne Van Nostran
Paul Van Orden
Stephanie Vardavas
Wade Varner
Hans-Michael Vermeersch
Victoria Viets
Mike Verbout
Mary Vogel
Jerry E. Ward
Tina Ward
Patricia Wagner
Doyle Waldrip
Lisa Warmington
Susan Warncke
Henry Weiss
Jenny Weller
Dana Welty
Jan Weston
Winky Wheeler
Mary Wheeler-Weber
Randy White
Becky Whitney
Matt Whitney
Cameron Whitten
Michaelene Wilcox
Jeri Williams
Harold Williams, Sr
Travis Williams
Jane Willsea
Robert Wilson
Lily Witham
Gary Witteman
Rev. Carren E. Woods
Jan Wolf
Seth Woolley
Thomas Wright
Jan Wyers
Nim Xuto
Mari Yerger
Helen Ying
Stephen Ying
Heidi Yorkshire
Christine Yun
Sylvia Zingeser
Marni Zollinger

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